Student story: Ayotunde’s QMentoring experience

Academic School: Economics and Finance Degree Course: BSc Economics Current Study Year: Third  Tell us three important pieces of advice you received from your mentor. Be proactive – don’t wait for opportunities to come to you, go out and seek them and you’ll be surprised at what possibilities you could get. Network – going out … More Student story: Ayotunde’s QMentoring experience

Student Story: Mahdiyyah’s QMentoring Experience

Academic School: Biological and Chemical Sciences Degree Course: BSc Neuroscience Current Study Year: Third Why did you apply for a place on the QMentoring scheme? I applied for QMentoring because I wanted to get in contact with someone related to my course (Neuroscience), specifically someone within Healthcare/Medicine. I think it is very important to ask … More Student Story: Mahdiyyah’s QMentoring Experience

Student Story: Ming’s QMentoring Experience

Academic School: Engineering and Materials Science Degree Course: MEng Aerospace Engineering Current Study Year: Graduated July 2018 What is the best feature of QMentoring? By far the best feature of QMentoring is how the scheme connects you with an experienced industry professional in your field of study. The scheme helps to ensure regular contact with … More Student Story: Ming’s QMentoring Experience

The Basics: CVs

What is a CV? A curriculum vitae (CV) is a record of your experience, skills, achievements and education, and is an important document which is a crucial part of applying for a job. It’s not simply a list of everything you have ever done, but instead a way of “selling” your skills and experiences to … More The Basics: CVs

Student Story: Laura’s QMentoring Experience

Academic School: Languages, Linguistics and Film Degree Course: BA Comparative Literature and Linguistics Current Study Year: Graduated December 2017 Why did you apply for QMentoring? Like many other students, I was very anxious about whether or not I would be “successful” after completing my degree. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to secure … More Student Story: Laura’s QMentoring Experience

Student story: Zayd’s QConsult experience

Zayd Mungaye, 2nd year Economics QConsult from beginning to end provided me with a multitude of experiences that were otherwise difficult to gain as a student but also an amazing atmosphere to meet an amazing amount of people.  Right from the beginning the application to QConsult was very much similar to applying for an internship, … More Student story: Zayd’s QConsult experience