QTaster: Duro’s story

Duro Ogbobine – 2nd year, Biomedical Engineering with Industrial Experience Why did you apply to QTaster? Currently I am a Biomedical Engineering student, interested in understanding how engineering and medicine can be combined to provide advanced healthcare. Despite my interest in this course I still had doubts about whether I would want to go into … More QTaster: Duro’s story

Graduate Story: Fahima’s QMentoring Experience

Academic School: English and Drama Degree Course: BA English Current Study Year: Graduated in July 2018 What helpful advice did you learn from your mentor? Consider every achievement as worth talking about in your CV/cover letter and reflect on what exactly you gained from that experience. Always make it personal and genuine so that your … More Graduate Story: Fahima’s QMentoring Experience

Graduate Story: Yasmin’s QMentoring Experience

Academic School: Politics and International Relations Degree Course: BA Politics Current Study Year: Graduated in July 2018 What would you say are the best aspects of QMentoring? The QMentoring scheme provides you with a mentor who works in your chosen career field, or profession, and it educates you with the insight you need and want. … More Graduate Story: Yasmin’s QMentoring Experience

Student story: Ayotunde’s QMentoring experience

Academic School: Economics and Finance Degree Course: BSc Economics Current Study Year: Third  Tell us three important pieces of advice you received from your mentor. Be proactive – don’t wait for opportunities to come to you, go out and seek them and you’ll be surprised at what possibilities you could get. Network – going out … More Student story: Ayotunde’s QMentoring experience