QChallenge London – applications now open!

Are you interested in building your CV and professional networks by leading real change in a top London organisation?

QChallenge London is a brand new employability programme exclusive to QMUL undergraduates in partnership with Common Purpose, and applications are open now.

Successful candidates will work in a team to explore a major challenge for a London organisation with a focus on health, housing and transport.

This opportunity is ideal for students who are:

  • Interested in developing their skills in the working world
  • Keen to put their mind to a real life business challenge
  • Looking to network with leaders from business, government and NFPs

Participants will be offered the chance to present their findings to their organisation as well as receiving a £50 voucher for submitting a reflective essay.

QChallenge blog photo

The programme will run from 5 February – 13 April 2018. Applications are open until 3rd December for all QMUL undergraduates. Postgraduates may not apply.

Apply online here

If you’re looking for a unique challenge, which will not only expose you to an exciting range of networks and experiences but test your creative thinking, then apply for QChallenge London.


Developing your skills (part 3: leadership & decision-making)

On the blog recently, we’ve been exploring some of the key skills that employers are looking for from candidates, and how you can demonstrate these in applications and interviews.

See part 1 (communication, teamwork & attention to detail) and part 2 (organisation, flexibility & responsibility).

Read on to find out about leadership and decision-making …



  • Leadership comes in many forms, but essentially means leading a group of people and effectively delegating tasks and motivating others to achieve success. 
  • You may have work experience in a leadership role, for example in a part-time retail position as team leader or till supervisor. This involves delegating tasks and ensuring staff are happy and motivated, and working to the best of their ability. Perhaps you led a team of volunteers in a summer job, or took part in QProjects, where you were assigned the role of Project Leader. Think about how you led the group – how did you allocate tasks? How did you monitor progress? Did you encounter any problems, and if so, how did you resolve them?
  • Outside of work, QMUL is an excellent place to develop your leadership skills. Group projects form part of many degree courses, and offer the opportunity to lead a project team. This could be a piece of coursework or a presentation, and is a great example of working with others and encouraging them to contribute, whilst individually overseeing the organisation of the project from start to finish. 
  • Being captain of a sports team demonstrates leadership skills – how do you delegate tasks on the sports field? How do you encourage feedback and suggestions from your team-mates? Perhaps you’ve led your team to success, or made changes to the training schedule as a result of consulting your team.
  • As a leader, there may be times when you need to demonstrate flexibility, and take responsibility for the actions of the team/group – see Developing your skills (part 2: organisation, flexibility & responsibility) for further advice.

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