Events, events and more events!

IMG_0477Once again, we have a busy programme of events this autumn term! Events are free to attend for QMUL students and graduates and are the perfect opportunity for you to meet with employers who are looking to recruit students just like you. We’ve got a range of careers information fairs, employer presentations, skills sessions, workshops and much more to look forward to.

Last year, we hosted over 250 events on campus with over 400 employers.  

What’s coming up?

See our website for all our upcoming events – updated regularly!

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Coming up soon, we have our Jobs Market (28th Sept), Focus on Finance (2nd-13th Oct) and Focus on Technology (16th-20th Oct) events:

Jobs Market – 28th September 2017

  • Are you looking to build your work experience?
  • Want to find out more about live opportunities, open to you now?
  • Earn some cash alongside your studies?

Meet employers from a range of industries and apply for vacancies. There will be part-time jobs, graduate schemes and internships on offer. Don’t forget to bring your CV along to apply for roles or get some feedback from employers.

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Upcoming events

Updated 16th February.

We have lots of great events coming up this term, including our International Students Careers Week – see below for some highlights. For the full list, see

International Students Careers Week – 13th – 17th Feb – see here for details.

Enterprise: Social Entrepreneur’s Journey – 21st Feb, 6-8pm

We will have 5 different social entrepreneurs (including Too Good To Go, Gym Bites and Motus Innovations) that will discuss their journey in developing their enterprises, highlighting their challenges and what they have overcome. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and for networking following the event.

Career Conversations: Exploring Careers in Public Relations – 28th Feb, 6.15-7.30pm

This is a fantastic opportunity to explore working in Public Relations. We are delighted to have QM alumni Lisa Dillon who is Director of Communications at Hearst Magazinesand Suraj Bhanot who is an Account Manager at leading PR agency Weber Shandwick.  Lisa and Suraj will each give a short case study presentation on a PR project that they have been involved with – to help you get a better understanding of the role of PR in different contexts. We will also be joined by Kate Turner, Public Affairs and PR Consultant at The PR Office.

Civil Service Fast Stream – Diversity Skills Session – 2nd March, 4-5pm

This workshop is about understanding the value of diversity and the importance of being authentic in the workplace. Hear from the Civil Service’s highest-ranking BAME director on how to get to the top while still being yourself. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with a Senior Civil Servant committed to increasing diversity at every level and championing the value of difference. He will discuss ways to build up your personal confidence and develop strategies to succeed at work.

All students are welcome to attend. This event would be of particular interest to QMUL students interested in government, politics, journalism, communication, and diversity and disability issues, and students from BAME backgrounds engaged in societies.

Want to work for a not-for-profit? – 8th March, 2-3.30pm

Frontier, the international volunteering abroad organisation, hosts a one hour workshop on careers in conservation and the benefits of working for a not-for profit. The information workshop will include how you can gain experience in the field via internships and job opportunities both in the UK and abroad. This workshop will take the format of a presentation alongside workshop activities where you will have an insight in to the different roles, what they involve and how to apply for such positions. There will also be an additional 30 minutes for open discussion and Q&A.

Deloitte Tax – from Law to Tax Consulting – 9th March 6.30-7.30pm

Deloitte LLP will be coming to us to discuss a career in Tax at Deloitte, and how the skills developed during your law studies are a great fit for Tax Consultancy. They will be offering further insight into Deloitte and their culture, as well as an introduction to Tax as a career and what you can expect from day to day life as a Tax Consultant. We will talk you through the different career opportunities and pathways into Deloitte Tax, giving you some insight into what to expect from the application process. You will also have the opportunity to ask us any questions you might have about the application process or life at Deloitte in general.

Upcoming events – November/December

Tuesday 6th December

Enterprise: InQUBEate Final Pitches

The final session of our incubator programme, InQUBEate, will be hosted in Central Working, Whitechapel. Students will pitch their business ideas and how they have developed over the course of the previous 8 weeks. If you are thinking of joining next term or want to hear the journey our entrepreneurs have been on, please join us on this evening. Drinks and food will be provided at 6.15pm and pitches will commence at 6.30pm.

Wednesday 7th December

CCLS: Mishcon de Reya: The business of law/commercial awareness

Employers want to see that you understand the context in which law operates – that you have commercial awareness. Nick West, Chief Strategy Officer at Mishcon de Reya, will take you through current and potential future developments that will affect lawyers, the way they work, what they do, and how they do it.

For PG Law students only
Wednesday 7th December
Does the thought of an interview send you into a panic? Have you ever had an interview?
Have you had an interview and want to do better next time? Then come along to this interactive skills clinic, getting some tips and individual practice on how to ‘Impress at Interview’.

Even though we try to source as many internships as possible, one of the best ways to obtain one suitable to your goals is to find it yourself.  We will help you clarify your goals, identify potential sources, and use the best approaches to possibly securing one.

Thursday 8th December

Career Conversations: Careers in International Development

Come and meet QM alumni who work in a range of different areas of International Development – from project management and policy to academia and fundraising. Join us to hear about what their job involves, how they got started and their top tips for getting in to the sector.

Upcoming Events

There are plenty of events still to come this term, and many more opportunities to meet top employers on campus. See for the full list of upcoming events and registration details. Read on for some of the highlights coming up in the next 2 weeks …

Focus on Technology

Focus on Technology is our programme of events which explore the range of areas you can pursue in the technology sector.

Focus on Technology: Careers in Technology Panel (join the waiting list)

Monday 17th October: This panel discussion will feature people from a range of organisations (including Bloomberg and Network Rail) and roles, talking about their careers and taking questions from you.

Applications Masterclass, delivered by IBM (waiting list)

Tuesday 18th October: This session led by IBM will look at the application process and give an insight into the things recruiters are looking for on an application.

Morgan Stanley Technology Skills

Wednesday 19th October: Hear from a QMUL alumnus about working in the Technology Division of Morgan Stanley. The workshop will also cover business problem-solving questions and group discussions in assessment centres.

QMUL Technology Fair 2016

Thursday 20th October: The Technology Careers Information Fair is a key way to find out about a range of opportunities in this area. Exhibitors include Accenture, Deloitte, ION Trading, Cancer Research, Alumni by MThree Consulting, Amazon, EDF Trading and many more.


Undergraduate Law: Work Experience & Vacation Schemes: Panel & Networking

Tuesday 18th October: Everything you wanted to know about Vacation Schemes: panel discussion and networking.

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Events, events & more events!

Once again, we have a busy programme of events this autumn term! Events are free to attend for QMUL students and are the perfect opportunity for you to meet with employers who are looking to recruit students just like you. We’ve got a range of careers information fairs, employer presentations, skills sessions, workshops and much more to look forward to.
employernetworkingLast year, over 2000 students attended more than 270 events on campus. We worked with a huge range of employers including: Teach First, Bloomberg, Civil Service, Morgan Stanley, Santander, Citi, Deloitte, EDF, HM Treasury, PwC, J.P Morgan, IBM and many more!

Read more about last year’s highlights here.

What’s coming up?

See our website for all our upcoming events – updated regularly!

* Save the date!* Coming up soon, we have our Focus on Finance (3rd-14th Oct) and Focus on Technology (17th-21st Oct) events:

Focus on Finance is our programme of events designed to showcase the range of areas in the finance sector you can work in. Over 40 employers will be visiting the campus to
showcase their opportunities to QMUL students and give you a unique insight into their work. From Accounting to Investment Banking and beyond this is your opportunity to find out more about the sector, and network with your potential future employer. Look out for the Business & Finance Fair on 11th October, as well as workshops and presentations from Barclays and PwC amongst others.

Focus on Technology is our programme of events which explore the range of areas you can pursue in the technology sector. Events include an applications masterclass from IBM, and a ‘what employers want’ workshop delivered by Accenture. The Technology Fair on 20th October is designed to demonstrate the range of opportunities available in this growing sector, from placements and internships to graduate roles. We’ll be welcoming top employers to campus, including Amazon, Bloomberg and Deloitte amongst others.

* Keep an eye on the Events page for registration details, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on these events *

Why get involved?

  • Demonstrating on your CV/application or interview that you regularly attend relevant events is a great way to make you stand out. It shows enthusiasm and drive, and that you have researched your career ideas.
  • You can discover the realities of working in a particular role, organisation or industry.
  • Enhance your commercial awareness by getting the latest information about what’s happening in the company and industry.
  • Networking opportunities! Making contacts is a useful way of getting information and asking questions – not just from the speakers, but also other participants. They may be able to help you with information, advice or even work experience opportunities in the future.

What makes a ‘top’ employer?

From the Times Top 100 to the Guardian Top 300 to Glassdoor Best Places to Work, it seems everywhere you look there is a survey on who are the best employers to work for. But what really makes a ‘top’ employer?

Not everyone is the same

While one company may generally be a good employer, they might not be good for everyone. People are different and just because lots of other people have enjoyed working for Google it doesn’t mean you will. Different organisations will have different values, work practices and cultures that appeal to different personalities.

Surely it depends on the industry

It may sound obvious, but while PwC might make the top of the Times 100 list, it is probably not the top of the list for someone wanting to work in film or anthropology.

And the size of the organisation

Not surprisingly the ‘best’ employers according to these lists are nearly always large national (often international) organisations. Smaller companies may be just as satisfying to work for – perhaps even more so – but don’t necessary have the public profile or marketing budget to make it onto these surveys.

How are these things judged and by whom?

Some of these surveys involve questioning actual current employees, but some are based only on student perceptions of which companies might be best to work for. It’s also worth thinking about the parameters of the judging – is it based on pay? promotion prospects? work satisfaction? how many sleep pods the organisation has? Issues around quality of work-life balance, work autonomy or even maternity/paternity leave may not always be the first thing graduates think about when job hunting, but they might be important longer term.

So the point is, have a good think about what it is that matters to you about your career and look for organisations that match those criteria rather than picking the most popular ones. Time spent researching options and organisations is time well spent and could lead to a much happier career!

Expert Advice on Applying to Graduate Schemes

Applying for graduate schemes can be quite a complicated process and if you’re thinking of going down this route then you probably have lots of questions. In this article, The Guardian summarises the key points from a recent live chat between students thinking of applying for grad schemes and experts involved in recruitment. What’s interesting is that, even though grad scheme applications might feel intimidating, the main advice that the experts give about how to stand out from the crowd is actually really straightforward.

The experts say that in CVs, covering letters and in answers to questions at assessment centres you should avoid general or generic information. You need to make it clear why you are applying for this company and this role. You should know and be able to explain exactly what the job involves and how the employer differentiates itself from its competitors. This means that to catch the eye of recruiters you don’t need to do anything dramatic or wacky; you need to make sure that the various aspects of your application are not interchangeable with your application for another job; they should be specifically tailored to the particular company and role you’re applying for.

To read the article, which also includes advice on graduate scheme options if you think you will graduate with a 2.2 and tips on assessment centres, click here.

And remember that if you need help with tailoring your CV and covering letter to apply for a particular job, you can book an appointment with an applications adviser at the Careers Centre.

Emily Hogg

Applications Adviser
QM Careers & Enterprise Centre