5 ways to make your job application stand out

For most roles, an application that stands out is one which is extremely easy to read and clearly demonstrates the candidate’s skills for the role. Here are 5 quick tips to get you started…  1) Correct spelling and grammar: Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in an application can give the impression that you lack attention … More 5 ways to make your job application stand out

Preparing a CV for part-time work

Now that you’re settled into your lectures, you might be thinking about taking on a part-time job while you study. These are increasingly valued by employers as evidence that candidates are familiar with a working environment and possess some of the skills (organisation, time-keeping, interpersonal skills) that are essential to working life. Applications for these … More Preparing a CV for part-time work

The Basics: CVs

What is a CV? A curriculum vitae (CV) is a record of your experience, skills, achievements and education, and is an important document which is a crucial part of applying for a job. It’s not simply a list of everything you have ever done, but instead a way of “selling” your skills and experiences to … More The Basics: CVs