Case interviews: what to expect

Business man in suit ready for meeting

If you’re applying for a role in management consultancy be prepared to perform well in both fit and case interviews. Start by demonstrating the three Cs:

Capacity to learn, Commitment to clients, and Competencies.

These will be assessed and tested during the interview process and through fit and case questions.

The fit interview

The first and second round of interviews will assess ability, motivation, business focus, personal and educational background and your overall interest in management consultancy.

You will need to convince recruiters about three things:

  • You can you do this job – you have the skills, and potential to learn
  • You want this job – you’re motivated and driven to excel
  • Will you fit in to the company, and more specifically
    • you will fit in to the team
    • we will enjoy working with you, and
    • our clients will see you as one of us

Consultants are people who take on tough challenges that matter to leading organisations, they are the ‘solver of problems’.

The next step in the recruitment process, the case interview, is an opportunity for you to show how you tackle typical business problems, and interviewers love this as they can discuss cases based on their own client work.

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