Could a career in audit be for you? has taken the title of ‘Best Job/Careers Board’ at the recent Recruiter Awards. But what is a career in audit? When it comes to considering a career in the finance sector, roles in audit often attract less attention than those in banking, brokerage and accountancy. So this blog asks: could audit be for you?

Firstly, what are the key skills needed to succeed in a career in audit?

  • Do you enjoy the challenge of working through complex problems?
  • Do you have an aptitude for working with numbers?
  • Are you as happy focusing on the nitty-gritty of a problem as looking at the bigger picture?
  • Are you confident in drawing your own conclusions from information and talking to others about what you’ve found?

If you answered yes to the above, your skills could be a good match, so what’s involved?

audit (1)Auditors specialise in examining how an organisation functions and conducts its business, and the validity and legality of its accounting records. Auditors work with a wide range of organisations from across the commercial and public sectors, not only those providing financial services.

As an internal auditor, you will focus on assessing how well risks are being managed and how effectively internal systems and processes are working within the organisation you are auditing. The scope of audits can vary significantly and often you will be looking beyond financial and accounting risks and examining aspects of the organisation such as reputation, growth, ethics and environmental sustainability. You will report to the organisation’s senior management and give advice on making improvements. You might work as part of an in-house internal auditing team within a single organisation or you might work for a specialist firm and carry out internal audits with a variety of organisations on a consultancy basis.

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Free environmental auditor training for students

The Sustainability Team are offering free auditing training for students on the 1st June – this training opportunity will be valuable to students that are interested in working in the sustainability sector especially, but also students who would like experience of auditing in general.

Gain practical experience of environmental auditing to make your CV stand out in the competitive environmental sector.

sustStudents will receive:

  • A certificate to provide evidence of their experience
  • Highly interactive training lead by qualified auditors
  • Practical experience of conducting an environmental audit


9.30am–1pm – Auditor training and free lunch
2pm onwards – Students conduct at least 1 audit on campus in pairs

If you’re interested, sign up by emailing or filling in this Google form.

Deloitte & the unexpected things I learnt

On a balmy August day, I made my way to Deloitte’s offices in the City for a Careers Advisers day; a way in which we careers professionals ensure the information we pass onto you, as students, is current and fresh. It also means we get free sandwiches and get to grill recent intakes of graduates about their experiences; so everyone’s a winner!

The unexpected things I learnt:

  • Graduate recruitment targets at Deloitte have been missed by 34% in 2014, and 32% in 2015.
  • Deloitte locations that receive fewest applications are the London satellite offices e.g. St Albans, Crawley, not that that means the recruitment process is any less stringent!
  • Good news if you’re an international student: Tier 2 visa provision went from 40 in 2014, to over 100 in 2015 for graduates. There is no limitation on visa numbers; they only ask that if students require a visa, applications are made by April, for a September start (or generally a lead time of 5 to 6 months).
  • Fun fact: Deloitte audit the voting process for the BAFTAs.
  • The Technology graduate scheme takes on over 150 graduates a year.
  • Approximately 70–75% of interns and those on insight weeks, are successfully recruited and retained on Deloitte’s graduate schemes.
  • Deloitte provides free food for its employees, in return for donations to charity.
  • Deloitte’s Micro Tyco scheme grants internships to the team who can turn £1 into as large a return as possible. Anyone can enter.
  • Deloitte supports over 40 different professional qualifications aligned to their different graduate schemes. Typically there is a good support around studying and working in the initial training period.
  • … and Deloitte make a mean ploughman’s sandwich!

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