Guest Blog: Psychometric Testing – An Overview

Increasingly, large employers are turning to psychometrics to streamline graduate recruitment programmes. Gone are the days of CV sifting and a single, face to face interview for graduate recruitment, saving HR teams considerable time and effort. But what particular tests can you expect when applying to the UK’s largest employers, and what do you need … More Guest Blog: Psychometric Testing – An Overview

Graduate story: Fahima’s QMentoring experience

Academic School: English and Drama Degree Course: BA English Current Study Year: Graduated in July 2018 What helpful advice did you learn from your mentor? Consider every achievement as worth talking about in your CV/cover letter and reflect on what exactly you gained from that experience. Always make it personal and genuine so that your … More Graduate story: Fahima’s QMentoring experience

International Student Careers Week: 19th-22nd November

Calling all International Students – International Students Careers Week is almost here! 19th – 22nd November 2018 International Student Careers Week presents a great programme of talks for international students who want information about working in the UK or overseas during their studies or after they have graduated. Book now for the events below! Limited … More International Student Careers Week: 19th-22nd November

Graduate Story: Yasmin’s QMentoring Experience

Academic School: Politics and International Relations Degree Course: BA Politics Current Study Year: Graduated in July 2018 What would you say are the best aspects of QMentoring? The QMentoring scheme provides you with a mentor who works in your chosen career field, or profession, and it educates you with the insight you need and want. … More Graduate Story: Yasmin’s QMentoring Experience

Situational Judgement Tests: The Basics

A situational judgement test (SJT) forms part of the recruitment process for many graduate schemes. From an employer’s perspective, they are an efficient way to sift through high volumes of candidates. Candidates are presented with a series of  work-related scenarios and need to choose which solution or action is the most effective from a series of … More Situational Judgement Tests: The Basics