How QHack prepared me for starting my own business

Veerna is one of the many Queen Mary students who has taken part in our QHack weekends. We asked her about what she gained from taking part, and what her advice would be for those thinking about applying.

How did you hear about the QHack programme?

I heard about the QHack programme through Miriam, who is in the Careers and Enterprise department. We met to discuss all the entrepreneurial opportunities inside and outside the university, and I was recommended to join QHack.

What convinced you to apply to the programme?

During my first year of university, I was constantly looking for all the opportunities that would help me start my business and understand whether my business idea was viable or not.

Since this was only a weekend, I knew that all the information was filtered to what we needed. Also, it meant that it wouldn’t interfere with any other commitments I had on weekdays. 

What skills did you learn from your time on the QHack programme?

QHack provided me with both business theory and practical skills all in one weekend. It taught me the importance of understanding the target customer base for your business, and I was given advice on how to change my idea according to the market research that we conducted, giving me the ability to keep an open mind and continue to change my business idea until it served a specific customer base.

QHack also helped me feel confident in sharing my idea, as before QHack I used to keep my idea to myself. I was taught that it is not the idea that makes the business, but the person behind it!

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about applying for the programme?

I would advise that people come into the programme with an open mind (a business idea is a bonus), and the ability to commit to the hours.

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