Careers and Enterprise: Who we are

Whether you need help finding a part-time job, writing a CV or cover letter, or preparing for a graduate scheme, we can help.

Where are we?

queensThe Careers and Enterprise Centre is based in the Queens’ building (pic on left) on the Mile End campus, which is number 19 on this campus map.

We’re in room WG3, on the ground floor, near the Octagon and the Student Enquiry Office . From the main entrance, head down the corridor on the left-hand side and follow the signs.

What can we do for you?

We help Queen Mary students and recent graduates (up to 2 years after you graduate) with anything careers-related, from writing a CV to exploring your options after graduation. A career might seem a long way off if you’ve only just finished your first year, but whatever stage you’re at on your Queen Mary journey, come and see us! Even if you’ve never even thought about life after university, we’re here to help you …

Appointments with Careers Consultants

We offer 20 minute one-to-one appointments with a Careers Consultant, and these appointments can cover any careers query, including: CV & application feedback, finding and applying for jobs, or deciding what to do after graduation.

Job hunting

Whether you’re looking for part-time or temporary work, or a full-time role after graduation, take a look at our jobs page for a range of opportunities: We also have a range of industry-specific resources in our information room and on our website.


QInterns engages with local businesses to develop meaningful and challenging internship opportunities exclusive to QM students. These internships are paid and can last anything from three to six months.

Practice interviews

If you have an interview coming up, you can book a 30 minute practice interview with us to go through the types of questions you might get asked and help you prepare.

We also have an online interview simulator which allows you to practice timed interview questions and improve your technique.

Psychometric tests/assessment centres

We have a subscription to Graduates First and Assessment Day so QMUL students can practice a number of different tests you might be asked to do when applying for a job, including verbal and numerical reasoning. We can also give you 1-2-1 advice on how to prepare for these, as well as how to do well at assessment centres.

CV/application checks

If you’ve found a job you want to apply to take a look at the CV and application section of our website for advice and resources. Remember you can book a one-to-one appointment to get feedback on your CV or application.


Ever thought of setting up your own business? We have dedicated Enterprise appointments were you can talk about anything and everything to do with starting a business. We also have Try It, Grow It and Build It awards that you can apply for to get much needed cash to help out your business. We have events throughout the year, where you can hear from other entrepreneurs and find out more.


mini fair 1We have a busy programme of events for students in the autumn and spring terms. Our events are made up of careers information fairs, employer presentations, skills sessions and workshops. Our career fairs can attract up to 800 students and 40+ employers and we have over 100 employers visiting the university every year. No matter what year you’re in, what subject you study or which sector you’d like to go into, there really is an event for every student at QMUL.


Our award-winning QConsult employability programme places students into mini consultancy projects in London-based businesses and charities. Students are faced with a real-life business challenge at a local organisation, providing students with the opportunity to use and build their skills, develop their employability and learn more about the working world. QConsult happens three times a year: autumn term, spring term and over the summer – see or follow us on social media for updates.

Working abroad

If you want to work abroad then the best place to start for all your information is Going Globalwhich includes information on how to write a job application for the country you are interested in, what you might need to know about interviews there, and what cultural differences you might need to be aware of. For China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan and Russia, see our International Job Search Guides.

Postgraduate study

If you’re thinking of doing postgraduate study after your QMUL degree, we can help. Whether you want to discuss your options or find information about funding opportunities, we can get you started. Visit our website for more information. 

So that was a whistlestop tour of what we can offer you. So what next? Our top 3 things to do to get started would be:

  • Come and visit the Careers & Enterprise Centre – browse our resources and ask questions
  • Visit our website for more info and resources:
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest information and resources

Hope to see you soon!

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