Julia’s QTemps Story

Julia RosinskaJulia Rosińska, LLM graduate 2019

Why did you decide to look for a job through QTemps as opposed to using another recruitment agency?

I believe that QTemps provides students and graduates with a very unique opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience in various industries, which will be useful in any professional career. Having worked with many recruitment agencies before, QTemps has a ‘human face’ as the agency puts lots of effort to help students and graduates in finding a job, helping with the whole process and explaining it, taking the time to discuss success and failures during the process, which I have never experienced whilst using other recruitment agencies. Furthermore, the manager is on campus and always happy to help with various queries, putting a lot of effort in promoting the agency to managers based on campus as well as external businesses, broadening work experience opportunities for students and graduates.

What does your role involve day to day and what do you enjoy the most in your day-to-day activities?

Having worked in 3 different position on campus, I gained experience in administrative tasks, assisted in organising events and running the recruitment agency. For instance, whilst working as the Events Administrator, I was involved in the whole process of organising an event on campus – from booking rooms and equipment, to inviting guests and helping run the event on the day. I significantly developed communication skills and I became more organised. On the other hand, whilst working at QTemps, I stepped out of my comfort zone as apart from day-to-day administrative tasks, I was also responsible for the marketing side, for instance running Twitter, preparing the newsletter. I also dealt with various professionals, from managers to students, thanks to which I became more confident and furthered the business acumen. There is no one particular task or experience I enjoyed the most, as all 3 positions equipped me with various skills and provided opportunities to grow professionally. Nevertheless I believe that gaining the trust of my managers and taking the initiative were the things I am truly grateful and proud of.

How do you think you can use the skills and experience from this job in your future profession? – How do you think you can use the skills and experience gained in your future job?

Recently I secured a fantastic opportunity to work in an international bank as the legal intern. After 5 stages of the recruitment process I can assure you that the experience gained whilst working full-time and part-time over the past 3 years helped me significantly, not only with my CV but primarily with building rapport, public speaking, confidence, problem-solving abilities and being well-organised. Recruiters are always impressed with the industry experience, but what makes you stand out is having something else to offer, demonstrating well-developed skills which employers are looking for. Gaining experience in your industry, in my case working as a paralegal and legal intern, exposes you to one side of any business, what you need to do it to step out of your comfort zone and gain experience in other industries. From my perspective, experiences which I have gained outside the legal profession helped me immensely in filling this gap.

What advice would you give to any students/ graduates who are thinking about applying for a role with QTemps?

No matter what do you study, taking a part-time or full-time employment with QTemps is a ‘must’ for everyone who wants to excel in their future careers, no matter which industry you are targeting. From my personal experience, I can assure you that you will develop transferrable skills, such as teamwork, communication skills, professional manner when dealing with people on various positions etc. The current job market is changing rapidly, your future employer will look for people who can adapt to different environments quickly, employees who possess a wide range of skills and experiences. Your experience in the industry also matters, but other work experiences are also valuable and necessary to be one step ahead of the competition. Therefore, my advice would be to give it a go – log in to your QTemps account, check regularly opportunities available on the jobs board and apply. You have nothing to lose but what you can gain will always put you one step ahead of others and help you develop as a person.

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