QTaster: Duro’s story

QTaster - DuroDuro Ogbobine – 2nd year, Biomedical Engineering with Industrial Experience

Why did you apply to QTaster?

Currently I am a Biomedical Engineering student, interested in understanding how engineering and medicine can be combined to provide advanced healthcare. Despite my interest in this course I still had doubts about whether I would want to go into this field as a career choice, so I applied to QTaster since I knew it would bring the opportunity to see what other sectors had to offer. Through this I thought I could discover where my other career interests would lie. 

Additionally, I knew that becoming a part of this programme would enable me to develop important skills such as learning how to effectively network with professional individuals or understanding how to be successful when applying for Internship/Graduate programmes.

What were the visits like?

The companies I visited were Springer Nature, Bouygues UK, Microsoft and Capco (each had stunning buildings and friendly staff members). One thing I noticed about these visits was the comforting working environment. Whether the workers were in casual or business attire they were all approachable and honest. Most of the workers described their roles (as well as their backgrounds) and how they reached their current positions. It was easy to relate with some of them since they explained how they did not know what career to pursue during their university years.

Some of the companies, such as Bouygues UK and Microsoft, had Internship/Graduate programmes running for university students so the staff members provided more insight as to what the recruitment processes are like and tips on what actions would best maximise the chance of securing a place on any of their programmes.

Aspects of the visits differed as some included tours of their amazing facilities whereas others included group activities where the students are tasked to solve a problem. Bouygues UK showed students their virtual reality simulation which was great insight into how they use technology to augment their services. Overall each visit was interesting and provided much information to help understand how companies in these sectors operate.

What did you gain from your QTaster experience?

Personally, the most valuable thing I gained from this experience was an increase in confidence when speaking to new people. Through this I was able to build my network much more than through other means. QTaster also helped me to become aware of what sectors my skills would be most suited for by attending the visits but mostly through the Career Development session.

Why would you recommend other students apply?

As a student who has been on QTaster I would highly recommend that other students apply, especially for those who aim to improve their networking skills or those who want to understand more about the corporate world. The programme is also a great addition to any LinkedIn profile, it provides the opportunity to make professional contacts and to hear from workers what actions to take for being successful in application processes (considering the workers have already been through the process).

Applications are now open for spring 2019 – apply now!

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