QTaster: Georgia’s story

georgiaGeorgia Kokmotou, 2nd year Business and Management
QTaster participant spring 2019

Why did you apply to QTaster?

I applied to QTaster because I really wanted to explore the job opportunities that exist in the market while at the same time to get an insight of how various companies works.

What were the visits like?

Each visit was different. I had the chance to visit ING, Octopus, Mazars and Entrepreneur First. It was so interesting to see not only the formal processes of each company but also the cultural tie of them. In some companies, it was apparent that employees had excellent relationships with their colleagues and this was the main reason that they kept on working there, while in some others, people were much more task-oriented.

What have you learnt from the experience?

Many many things… First and foremost, when looking for a job it is important to have a very close look at the company itself because you may like the job but the way company operates may not match you. Different companies are suitable for different people. Secondly, we should not become pigeonholed to our own wrong beliefs. The most usual one is that since my bachelors is in accounting, I will become an accountant. There are so many alternatives that I could not imagine before my participation to QTaster. Thirdly, I learned how to be even more active because I met so many enthusiastic, energetic people and I really got inspired from them, from the programme coordinator Becky, to the employees of the company and the other participants of QTaster.

Why would do recommend other students apply?

QTaster changed mine and other students’ way of thinking which was the outcome of the interaction we had together and with the various companies. QTaster is a good opportunity to discover what you really like and not what you think you like which is going to be extremely helpful once graduated. It may also be the starting point of your own early career (as a student) as it was the case for me.

Click here to find out more and apply.

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