QConsult: Hester’s story


Hester Watson, School of Politics and International Relations

Why did you apply to QConsult?

I applied to QConsult so I could take advantage of the career opportunities at QMUL. I didn’t want to go into consultancy necessarily but it seemed like an excellent way to get exposure into the workplace and business. This was true and I was lucky enough to be assigned a business which was in line with my career interests.

How has the QConsult experience helped you (i.e. apply for jobs, in interviews, make career decisions, land a job)?

The QConsult experience has been invaluable in helping me broaden my career prospects and widen my network. I took part in QConsult during first year and really enjoyed the project I did for the company I was assigned. This led me to ask for an internship during the summer of first year which they said yes to. Taking part in QConsult opened up opportunities I would not have had if I had not taken part. It allowed me to learn huge amounts about myself, the events marketing industry and the workplace during my first year at university.

What have you learnt from the experience?

I improved upon various skills such as networking, researching and teamwork. I also got to practice my presentation skills and using Microsoft Excel again.

What was the most memorable part of QConsult for you?

The most memorable part was doing our final presentation to the client. We had worked hard and the client was really pleased with the result, making the whole experience even more worthwhile.

Why would you recommend other students to apply?

I would recommend QConsult to anyone as it is a great way to meet new people, improve your skills and widen your career prospects. It’s a great programme to do alongside your studies and a different way of earning extra money.

Click here to find out more and to apply.

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