Graduate Story: Yasmin’s QMentoring Experience

Yasmin PictureAcademic School: Politics and International Relations

Degree Course: BA Politics

Current Study Year: Graduated in July 2018

What would you say are the best aspects of QMentoring?

The QMentoring scheme provides you with a mentor who works in your chosen career field, or profession, and it educates you with the insight you need and want. Another great feature is that it encourages confidence and progression, by having a mentor who has accomplished your dream career. This, in itself, allows the opportunity to build a rapport and network with contacts that your mentor could possibly offer. Even without the added benefits, my experience with my mentor has been rewarding as I have learnt a lot about the career I want and have increased my passion and commitment towards it.

Have you become more confident in your ability to network?

Absolutely! Being involved in this scheme encouraged me to boost my confidence and network at the QMentoring Celebration event where we were surrounded by a variety of successful professionals.

Overall, what impact has the scheme had on you?

Participating in the scheme has made things clearer for me, as my mentor has guided me in the steps they have undertaken in their career. Whilst things may be slightly different now compared to then, transferable skills and knowledge remain the same, and my mentor did well in articulating that to me. Without my mentor, I would not be sure of the steps I need to take early on in my desired profession. My mentor has given me such a valuable insight into the working world of law and I will always take this knowledge with me wherever I go in my career.

 Why would you suggest other students participate in QMentoring?

I would suggest the scheme to other students because it is something you can take with you into your desired career path. Your mentor is there to help guide and support you in the best possible way they can. This helps shape your character and, using valuable insight from your mentor, it also opens up many networking opportunities. I suggest this programme, especially to third year students who are nearing the end of their degree, and those who are in need of additional career guidance and support.

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