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National Mentoring Day: Thank you

QMentoring students 2Saturday 27th October was National Mentoring Day and I would like to use this an opportunity to give thanks to everyone who has been involved with QMentoring, since its inception in 2015.

Almost two years ago, I joined QMUL to take on the QMentoring programme and, looking back, I really have learnt such a huge amount about what works and, crucially, what doesn’t work, when it comes to career mentoring. The QMentoring programme works because we are fortunate enough to have continued support from volunteers, who are not only experienced professionals and experts in their fields, but who are wholly dedicated to enabling the next generation of QMUL undergrads to succeed.

These volunteers, many of whom studied at QMUL themselves, give up at least an hour of their time over a 6 month period to work with students, who may not otherwise have access to the professional world.

They guide their mentees to set realistic and achievable goals, help them to improve their employability skills and, in a number of cases, provide much-needed work experience opportunities. Essentially, these volunteers care about our students’ future.

So, on National Mentoring Day, thank you to each and every one of you who cares!

Louisa Chastney, QMentoring Coordinator

Find out more about our QMentoring programme

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