Perfect your interview technique with InterviewStream!

Got an upcoming video interview?

Check out InterviewStream – our video interview platform, where you can record and practise a number of ready made video interviews or create your own custom interview from a large bank of questions.


  • Practise whenever, and wherever!

Take your mock interview using a Mac, PC, Android or iOS device.

  • Choose from 7000+ questions

Browse the library of interview questions, organised into themes and sectors, or select a ready made set of questions designed for you, including sector-specific interviews covering medicine, law, business and more.

  • See and hear yourself online

Review your own performance. Practise at your own pace and retry as many times as you need to. Why not try out the ‘umm, like, you know & I mean’ counter to tally how many filler words you’re using!

  • Get your video interview reviewed by a Careers Consultant

Book a one-to-one video review appointment to get feedback on some of your recorded answers, to help you improve.

Sign up with your QMUL email address here to get started.

How to prepare

Whilst the practical side of a video interview is very different to being interviewed in person, the preparation you can do beforehand will be the same. The interview will still consist of a series of competency based questions, which you’ll need to answer using appropriate examples from your university/work/voluntary experience.

We have lots of resources available to help you prepare:

For practical video interview tips, see the following:

Once you’re logged in, don’t forget to take a look at InterviewStream’s PDF resources to help you make the most of your mock interview.

Remember to watch your video afterwards and think about how you could improve next time – Good luck!


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