QMentoring: Devina’s story


Driven, articulate, focused – just a few words to describe some of the students I have mentored at Queen Mary. Mentees come prepared with questions, proposing to explore numerous career paths and seeking advice on professional goals and qualifications.

I find mentoring proves most successful when both parties are committed to acquiring further knowledge from these sessions. From a mentee’s perspective this can range from getting help in writing a sound CV or receiving interview technique tips to learning more about daily work life and any challenges they may face.

From my view as a mentor, it offers the chance to reach out to young people starting out in their career. I particularly like to ask students about the current university environment they are exposed to as well as gaining an insight into new learning techniques that have developed since my graduation.

Establishing early on a realistic agenda for future sessions can prove time effective and beneficial for both parties. Engaging conversations and a time for me to reflect on my own personal career experiences have made these mentoring sessions incredibly worthwhile.

On a personal level mentoring is a concept relatively new to me as I have never been previously offered the chance to take on the role of either mentor or mentee. However the QMentoring staff at Queen Mary Careers have equipped me with the right skills, support and preparation to take on the challenge. This coupled together with my current employer, Ford Credit Europe, who run their own mentoring scheme has meant I too have my own mentor in my workplace, allowing me to experience mentoring from both sides.

Devina Laskar ACMA
Liquidity Analyst, Ford Credit Europe
Economics alumni and mentor for QMentoring

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