Graduate story: How can a careers appointment help me?

KawtarKawtar El Ouaraini, BSc Business Management, graduating class of 2018

During my final year, I spent some of the first semester recreating a CV and applying to graduate schemes without support or help. After many rejections and several failed interviews, I slowly stopped applying and found myself solely focusing on revision and exams. After completing my exams, I looked back at my CV and previous applications and decided it was time that I sought support and guidance.

Booking a one to one session with Iain, the SBM Careers Consultant, really boosted my confidence to start applying again and made me realise the mistakes I was making during interviews. In having the opportunity to participate in a mock interview with Iain I become aware of what to expect, what to say and what an interviewer would be looking out for. He also advised me on the way I should carry myself, the way I should sit and the way I could handle difficult questions during an interview.

After just one appointment with Iain, I managed to secure myself an internship! When I received an invitation to interview (despite the usual nerves!), I was particularly confident that I could go into the interview and genuinely sell myself to the interviewer. As a result, I secured an internship within the QMUL School of Business and Management, and have since been successful in applying to a role as School of Education Administrator with St Paul’s Way Trust School – which I have now started.

The best thing is that you do not necessarily need to know what you want to do or have an interview lined up before you attend as the appointment will be tailored to suit you and your needs. So, whether you are set in stone on the career you want to achieve or have no idea what you want to do, booking a one-to-one appointment can provide you with tips and tricks that can be useful, whichever route you ultimately choose.

So, in short, why would I recommend a one-to-one careers appointment?

  • Tailored support
  • CV feedback and application reviews
  • Mock interviews and tips
  • Chat about career options
  • Access to useful resources

I cannot express enough how beneficial the support provided by Careers & Enterprise is – I encourage you to take advantage of the various level of assistance available.

To find out more about how Careers & Enterprise can help you, visit 

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