QTaster: Asifa’s story

Asifa's blog photoAsifa Edroos – 2nd year, BSc Economics

QTaster gives you the opportunity to experience different sectors, working environments and roles across a range of graduate employers. It is open to all undergraduate Queen Mary students in second or third year for 2018-19. Asifa took part in the spring and tells us about her experience.

Why did you apply to QTaster?

I applied to QTaster because I was confused as to which career path to go down. Within the finance sector there are various roles and it can be overwhelming as to which role suits you as a person. I applied to the QTaster as I wanted to learn more about the different companies, I also wanted to gain an insight into the specific job roles available.

Which organisations did you visit?

I was fortunate enough to visit both Barclays and ASOS headquarters – both had remarkable buildings and accommodating staff.

What did you gain from the opportunity?

Throughout this insight programme I have gained both skills and knowledge. In terms of skills, I was able to increase my commercial awareness, as well as highlight analytical and presentation skills. I feel that these visits have made me a more motivated individual as now I have a clearer image as to which career paths to go down. Learning about the different roles and application processes for graduate jobs was very beneficial. From the networking sessions I learnt about various opportunities and methods to make my application stand out when applying for jobs. Attending these sessions meant that we were able to interact with Barclays and ASOS colleagues, I found this valuable as it gave me a realistic insight into the working environment in each company. 

What would you tell other students?

I would highly recommend this scheme for students who are unclear about their future career options or even for students who feel passionate about a particular area, this scheme is a great way to highlight your interests.

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