Generation Rent: My PropTech experience

kamrulKamrul Alom

I have recently completed my Politics degree at Queen Mary and am looking forward to my graduation ceremony in the next few weeks. I am passionate about technology and how it enables changes and breakthroughs in industries that have not changed for years, and how it has provided new transformations in the way things are done.

I’ve recently joined Goodlord’s busy Customer Support Team, as a Customer Support Hero. Goodlord comes under the banner of PropTech, which is an industry focused on making Real Estate transactions more efficient and technologically astute. The industry has grown and seeks to make strides in improving the way agents transact properties and streamline the whole process. I came across this opportunity on a website called Workinstartups – a great place to find opportunities at a range of startups and companies.

The Real Estate industry is changing; more specifically renting, tenancies and the way we manage this through Estate Agents. This change has been steered by Goodlord, who are currently set to embark on a journey to digitise the tenancy process and make renting far easier for Generation Rent. Both for the tenants, who can engage with a mobile/web centric platform to engage with processes such as referencing, and agents who will spend less time on paperwork as the whole tenancy process in streamlined with a digitised platform (you can even sign your agreement on the platform!). So you can spend more time doing what you love whilst enjoying a service that meets your digital expectations!

In my time at Goodlord so far, I have gained lots of useful knowledge, skills and understanding of softwares, as well as strong interpersonal skills. As part of the Customer Support Team, I am constantly diagnosing errors and problems customers face (both the tenants and the agents) and seek to solve these errors. I am regularly in contact by email and phone, which has developed my communication skills, telephone manner and confidence in dealing with very tricky situations which often have a big impact on people’s personal lives! As a result I have learnt to not only solve problems and develop communication skills but also learn to manage expectations in order to avoid disappointed tenants and agents. Something I found surprising and difficult at first, often it is difficult to keep up with the fast paced nature of a customer support function!

Some skills and knowledge I’ve developed from my experiences so far include a great understanding of the Real Estate industry, the Goodlord Platform itself and a great awareness for how the pre-tenancy process, lettings and property markets work. Afterall, it is a really large eco-system which inhabits the renting and property market – for example, I had the chance to learn about the biggest players in the market, how they go through their pre-tenancy processes and learnt more about the government criterias which guide many of the processes that tenants go through! I’ve learnt how to deal with challenging and demanding customers and the needs of the business, whilst also working in a very fast-paced environment; skills that are useful in any career.

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