Making the most of summer

blog-picWith exams now over, it’s time to start making plans for the summer. Read on for advice from Careers Consultant Andrea on how to make the most of the next few months …

  • Think carefully before applying for advertised work experience positions so you identify the best opportunities e.g. what’s your main motivator for getting work experience?

– Experience in a particular sector?
– A chance to develop a new skill?
– Getting an ‘in’ with a particular company?
– Money?
– Broadening your network?

  • If you know a specific small company you’d like to work with then think about a problem that they need solving and then think of a piece of work you could do for them which would help solve that problem and add value (e.g. competitor analysis, a specific social media marketing campaign, running an event). Approach them on LinkedIn and ask if you can meet for a coffee for 15 minutes to discuss your idea.

  • Once you have clinched some work experience make sure that you keep a journal of the skills you are developing, the challenges you’re facing & how you overcome them and your observations about the organisation you are working with – these will come in very handy when you are applying for jobs
  • Think about the summer period as time for networking as well as for gaining work experience – identify 5 key people on LinkedIn who you can ask for an informational interview with and ask them for a coffee to develop your understanding of a particular industry / company / role – these connections may result in opportunities later on…

Remember you can always book a 1-2-1 appointment with a Careers Consultant to explore your options – call 020 7882 8533 to book yours now.


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