Student story: Why is the PASS (Peer Assisted Study Support) scheme so special?

Celebrating graduation with one of my mentees/best friends (Me: Left, Ioana: Right)

Kajal (SEF PASS Student organiser, 2016-17)

University starts and finishes extremely quickly, one second, you’re signing up to societies and the next you’re sitting your last exam and graduating. It all goes in the blink of an eye, so it’s important to make the most of your time at QMUL. Sometimes spontaneous decisions are some of the best, and that’s what PASS (Peer Assisted Study Support) was for me.

I was starting the second year of my Economics degree at QMUL and got an email from my department asking if anyone was interested in becoming a PASS mentor. I didn’t know much about PASS since I didn’t get involved with it in first year, but when I read what it was about – a chance to help incoming first years with modules you’d done and offer friendly advice, I knew I wanted to join. Having previously worked with my department (SEF), during welcome week and open days, I realised that I loved meeting and sharing my experiences with prospective students about to embark on the same journey I had. PASS was my chance to give back to my department and more importantly, be there for new students. Having been through first year, I would have loved to have someone to turn to when I was a scared, confused fresher. We went crazy with PASS promo that year and got the biggest turnout at PASS sessions in SEF ever.


SEF Mentor of the Year, Hasina (right) and Thevinth (co-student organiser)

The success of PASS that year inspired me to become PASS student organiser in my final year. It was lovely to work with a team of exceptional mentors (many of whom were my mentees last year). PASS vastly improved my communication, leadership and teamwork skills. But, the best part about PASS was that it formed a mini support system between years in SEF. I knew the year below me very well and they were never afraid to come to me with their worries and joys, I saw them grow up to become smart confident students and cannot wait to see them graduate this summer.


With the Dream Team “School of Economics and Finance PASS”

After graduating from QMUL last year, I started my MSc in Economics at UCL. During my time at UCL, I took up the role of student rep, which involved acting as a channel of communication between MSc students and staff. The leadership, communication and interpersonal skills I’d learnt as a PASS student organiser, vastly helped me with my role. Forming strong relationships, communicating well and working as a team are skills you will need in any workplace and there’s no better way to get them, than joining PASS. Furthermore, PASS mentoring helped keep my memory of first year modules fresh, which certainly helped during my master’s degree.


SEF student ambassadors

Once you’re a part of the PASS family, whether as mentee, mentor, student organiser or alumni, there’s no looking back. You’ll gain a lot of transferrable skills valued by employers and universities alike and you’ll form lifelong friendships with your mentors and mentees, creating an unforgettable university experience.

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