QMentoring: Our route to the future

Rebecca_LauRebecca Lau (QMentor)

Mentoring has always been something I was interested in from a very early stage in my career. When I found out about QMentoring last year, I had no doubts about signing up, and here I am to share the experiences I’ve had so far!

Over the past few years I’ve fortunately been given the opportunity to mentor a range of people, from children to the disadvantaged, to work colleagues and then to students. Each experience is a very unique and rewarding one, as you come to realise that no matter where you are in life, it is absolutely fine to seek assistance and advice from peers around you.

In November 2017, I was assigned my mentee, Remmy, a final year BSc Marketing and Management student. In our initial meeting Remmy and I established the key objectives and milestones he’d like to overcome throughout our mentoring relationship, such as:

  • Improving the fluency and format of his CV / cover letter
  • Interview techniques and the power of persuasion
  • What to do in assessment centres and how to overcome the challenges
  • How to be equipped in becoming a confident public speaker

It became very clear that Remmy and I had a lot to connect on – both of us are extremely passionate about marketing and have a firm understanding that this is the area of work we’d like to pursue our future in. I suggested in the early stages of our meetings that we need to tackle the objectives one by one – this was for him to really understand what he’d done, what he’s doing and as well what he’d like to do is appropriate for him. So, starting from the basics, I asked him a series of questions to get him really thinking about the path he’d like to take.

Remmy is eager and ambitious, so I could see that he really wanted to do well in his career; but I reassured him that the opportunity will eventually come. I mentioned to him, before you start running, you first need to learn how to walk. It was about having a clear view and plan. How you can use the power of persuasion to get employers to see your application as the one that stands out from the crowd. And how sometimes a bit of personal touch in an application is not necessarily a bad thing!

The relationship between Remmy and I has been very successful from a mentee and mentor point of view. In the coming weeks we will be posting more content to share with you about our experience as part of the QMentoring programme.

Our next post will be a collaborated effort between us on: Tips and tricks in how to sustain a healthy mentoring relationship

See you in the next post!

If you’re a QMUL student interested in QMentoring, you can apply for the next round of the programme here.

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