InQUBEate: Olga’s story

olgaOlga Kravchenko, BA Drama graduate and InQUBEate cohort 8 alum

Olga took part in InQUBEate, Queen Mary’s 8 week start up incubator from January- March 2018 to develop her virtual reality company ‘Musemio’.

Olga’s Story

Sometimes you just need a little push to make magic happen. For Musemio this push was a chance to participate in the InQUBEate programme. In just a couple of months, the idea has grown from being just a concept into a basic prototype with 4 virtual reality levels. But what is Musemio? Musemio’s vision is to provide quality, accessible cultural education for all children through virtual reality. This edtech platform provides a gamified learning journey for children between the ages of 7 to 12 by engaging with arts and cultural content supported by physical museum collections. The platform analyses children’s behaviour throughout the game and identifies their strengths and weaknesses allowing the school and parents to understand their academic performance.

But before the InQUBEate programme, it had a different name and less feasible concepts behind it.

The progress we have made because of this programme (from February until March) was very impressive starting from huge re-branding, website development and finishing with potentially securing a museum partner to start building the credibility. We have achieved 700 likes on our FB page after the digital marketing session, therefore now I can show and not only tell that idea has some interest from the target market. All of that was achieved through very intensive and extremely useful sessions during the programme and unique one-to-one mentorship support, who activated not only their experience but also their networks to help businesses like mine grow. At the end of the programme, we have applied for financial support and received £6,000 in grant funding to build the product and conduct in-depth research with children to prepare ourselves for a big launch already this August.

Sometimes you just need a little push and I am thankful to InQUBEate programme for being my magic.

Applications are now open to continuing QMUL students to apply to our 2018-19 intake of InQUBEate; so if you have an idea you’d like to explore further; or would like to help another student to realise their own entrepreneurial idea, apply here.


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