Student story: Annika’s QConsult Experience

MAnnikay name is Annika Ramos, and I’m a student in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Queen Mary. I took part in the winter round of QConsult run by Careers & Enterprise, where I worked as a consultant in a team of five on a live project for a business client.

You are initially required to complete an online application form which is a chance for you to showcase your interest in the programme, your skills and past experience. You don’t need to have experience in consulting; as long as you can communicate your passion and skills effectively you’re on track to making a great application!

If you are successful, you will be split into project teams consisting of five people, with whom you will be solving the project brief together with. In my group I was assigned the role of Project Coordinator, which meant I would be working closely with the client, making sure the deadlines were met, and, most importantly, making sure all the team members were being included and heard.

My team was working with the Kets de Vries Institute (KDVI) to help produce a leadership development tool intended for CEOs and management staff. As a company, they wanted to find out how they could adapt their tool to make it suitable for younger generations. Our team had to figure out how their tool could be adapted to a younger audience. We also had to review opportunities where the new product could be used. We tested their tool ourselves, which gave us an insight to how it worked to develop leadership skills. From this, we worked as a team and suggested ideas on how to improve the tool and make it suitable for a younger audience.

Overall this paid work experience will give you an insight into what a career in consultancy holds in store and allows you to build valuable skills such as teamwork, communication, presentation, research and analysis. The staff on the programme work hard to make sure that not only do the clients receive an excellent service, but that you as the consultants enjoy and benefit from this experience. It’s a standout opportunity to show future employers you have the necessary skills and experience to be a contributing member of any professional work place.

Applications to participate in QConsult 2018-19 are currently open. Click here for more details.

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