How To Get Your CV Noticed

Your mission in a nutshell is to persuade the employer:

You can do the job

You will do the job

You’ll fit in

Employers want evidence of what YOU have done. If you have used a skill before, you are more likely to be able to use it again in the job.

This is only half the battle – making your CV clear and easy to read is vital if you want it to make the right kind of impact.

Reviewing Curricula - Job Applicants Under Scrutiny - With Copys

Language and format

  • Omit pronouns – I, you, he, she, they and articles – a or the. Saves space and ego
  • Balance –Are the long sections the most relevant ones for the job?
  • Dates – ensure there are no gaps but don’t worry about day dates – month and year will be fine
  • Whilst you do not need to list all your modules, an employer will appreciate a list of relevant modules as this demonstrates an understanding of the requirements of the role

Work Experience

  • Prioritise – Check the personal specification
  • Achievements – Include anything that was IMPLEMENTED
  • Evidence – Think about HOW you are a good communicator and team player. Use examples to show this


  • Chance to demonstrate your personality
  • Avoid merely listing interests – give details to fill out the picture
  • Mention positions of responsibility
  • ‘Interests and activities’ can be a useful section if you have limited work experience as it can be used to demonstrate a range of skills e.g. team skills gained through sport, cultural awareness through overseas travel etc.


  • Always ask beforehand
  • Usually referees should be one employer and one academic. It is useful to indicate the relationship with the referee i.e. ‘employer’, ‘project supervisor’ etc.

The wrong kind of impact

  • Too long – more than 2 pages (unless this is an academic or medical CV)
  • Disorganised information
  • Typing poor or printing unprofessional
  • Inclusion of irrelevancies – very out of date awards at school, hobbies
  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Duties rather than achievements

Don’t forget – we can give you feedback on your CV before you submit it! Call 020 7882 8533 to book an appointment.

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