Practice makes Perfect – MSc student Landysh’s ELBA Credit Suisse mock interview **More slots available**

IMG_9808(1)Masters student Landysh took part in the ELBA Credit Suisse Mock Interview event last term. More slots are available in early March – don’t miss this opportunity to refine your interview skills and receive valuable feedback on your interview technique with Credit Suisse employees from various fields.

Scroll down for full details, and read on for Landysh’s 5 reasons to get involved:

  • Credit Suisse is one of the world’s leading banks – This is a great opportunity to do a real-life interview without a possibility of failing. It is a good chance to practice how to prepare for an interview. And yes! Do your homework and find out more about Credit Suisse, their ongoing projects and most importantly – their corporate culture, values, and people.
  • Receive great advice on your CV – I was interviewed by a manager at Credit Suisse (!!!) and received the most valuable feedback and advice on how to improve it.
  • Get instant feedback – Though it all felt like a real interview, I received an instant feedback straight after on my performance. Normally you have to wait for the answer from your potential employer, and request for feedback which is not always given.
  • Practice how to deal with your nerves –  Even though I knew this is just a mock interview, there was no need to be nervous – it’s practice!

Last, but not least…

  • Practice makes perfect. We don’t get to go for many mock interviews, and this is the time where you can make mistakes and learn from them.
***Calling all students!***
Mock Interview Week: 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th March 2018
● Find out what employers are looking for
● Practice what to do in an interview situation
● Get useful interview tips
● Experience a corporate environment (Canary Wharf)
● Receive valuable feedback
The interview will last for 1-hour (including feedback)
For more information, please call Shanniel from the East London Business Alliance (ELBA) on: 020 7068 6992
To express your interest please email your CV and student ID number to:

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