4 short sharp careers exercises for your coffee break

Making decisions about your future career can seem like an arduous and research-intensive process. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great ways to spend 10 minutes of your time that can ultimately help you to make the right choices.

Coffee break coming up? Then consider the following short sharp exercises:

At a crossroads - Decisions and choices concept

  • Prospects Planner

One of our go-to resources can be a great way of broadening your knowledge of the options out there while, simultaneously, finding out more about the career areas that interest you. A few minutes on the Prospects Career Planner will help to match your skills and motivations to suitable roles and allow you to explore these further using their own database of detailed job profiles.

  • Explore your personality

Are you a ‘logician’ or a ‘campaigner’? Answer 100 questions about yourself to find out which of the 16 personality types most closely matches to you, and which careers are likely to suit. The 16 personalities quiz works with the same basic fundamentals as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and, aside from the results, can be a useful exercise in self-reflection and awareness.

  • Phone a friend!

Sometime we can struggle to see the skills that we have and how they can be applied to the working world. The solution can be to ask those around us who know us well. So, pick up the phone to friends and family – ask them what strengths they think you can bring to an employer and what roles and industries they could see you working in. This approach may bring fresh ideas.

  • Create a careers Top 10

Time for a bit of blue-sky thinking. If anything was an option, write a list of the careers you think you would most enjoy. Then spend some time reflecting on what it is about them that is appealing to you. Which of them are realistically accessible to you? For those that aren’t, are there any related careers you can think of that draw on the same skills and activities?


Hannah, Careers Consultant


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