The Multiple Mini Interview – a speed-dating type of interview!

A growing number of UK universities are now using the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) for their Medicine and Dentistry applications. St. George’s Medical School was the first UK institution to adopt this system in 2010 and it has spread quickly ever since.

The advantage that an MMI has for you is that if you have problems in one scenario or you feel that your answer has not been up to par, you can recover and give an excellent performance in a different situation, where you will be interacting with a different interviewer. It also gives you more opportunities to shine!

The test

When you go for an MMI, you move around an average of 10 interview stations.

handshake-2056023_960_720Each station lasts around 8-10 minutes and can include role-play activities, data analysis, traditional interview questions as well as questions on a given situation. You will be given time to prepare your answer and then you will interact with or be observed by an interviewer. The situations deal with a wide range of issues but they will normally focus on:

  • Ethical decision making
  • Critical Thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Contemporary healthcare issues

It is important to remember that you will NOT be assessed on your scientific knowledge.

How to prepare

  • Find out what the different stations involve at different universities. Check, for instance The Medic Portal and The Student Room.
  • Use specific examples when addressing the question. Think about your previous work experience/internships.
  • Be familiar with key ethical concepts in medicine, such as the four pillars. Remember that you are expected to analyse all angles of the ethics question but you need to take a side!
  • Know what skills and abilities make a good doctor/dentist/healthcare professional and think of specific examples to show that you possess all of the relevant qualities.
  • Keep up to date with current healthcare issues.
  • Practise giving 6-8 minute answers to sample MMI questions.

Some sample questions

(Source: The Medic Portal)

  • You are told that you are entering a hospital staff room 10 prior to performing surgery with Dr ‘X’. As you enter, you see Dr ‘X’ take a swig of a clear drink from a bottle and quickly close their locker, which you suspect is alcohol. Over the course of the conversation, the Dr beings to forget things and slur their words.You have 5 minutes to speak to Dr ‘X’.

This task is primarily testing your ability to make value judgments regarding patient safety.

  • An actor hands you a card which states that you are playing the role of a GP and they are a 16-year-old girl who has come to ask for information about getting tested for STIs but is worried about her parents finding out.

This task is testing your ability to communicate and show empathy as well as your understanding of doctor-patient confidentiality.

  • You are told that this weekend you’re going on a camping trip. Before you is a table of random objects. You have 20 seconds to pick 5 objects you deem to be of the most importance and value, and explain.

This station is testing your ability to make time pressured decisions and be able to defend them, it’s also testing your ability to think practically.


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