Meet the qEnterprise team!

Greetings from your qEnterprise team!

We wanted to take a moment to say hello and remind you that support for starting your own business is free whilst you’re still a student at QMUL, so if you have an idea get in touch!

We’ve been busy these last few weeks hosting enterprise events, 1-2-1 appointments and learning opportunities for QMUL students. Recently, we hosted the 3DS Bootcamp – an intensive 3-day event where students work in teams to build a business. We’re also a few weeks into our 7th InQUBEate programme, featuring a range of brilliant teams and ideas.

GEW 13 11

With our funding deadlines rapidly approaching, here’s a reminder of the funding available:

We have three funding pools available for students with business ideas at different stages of development. The deadline to apply is 10th December. Winning funding will also guarantee you a place on one of our InQUBEate programmes (see below). For more funding information, see our website.

‘Try It’ Prizes

Win funds of up to £500 to get your social enterprise or business idea off the ground. You just need a problem and a possible solution – not a full business plan. Perhaps you’ve spotted a problem around campus, or room for improvement elsewhere in society?

‘Grow It’ Prizes

Win funds of up to £5000 to develop your existing business or social enterprise. Your venture doesn’t have to be profitable yet, but you need to show a clear pathway to profitability. We will ask you to show how this money would help you evolve your enterprise.

‘Build It’ Prizes

Win funds up to £10,000 to build a new product such as an app, website or physical prototype. All you need to do is show your product idea has commercial potential.

We look forward to seeing your applications. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your ideas further book an Enterprise Appointment on 020 7882 8533 or email us at


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