Our QMentoring Success Story – The End of the Road


Sandeep Saib, QMentor (pictured right)

During the six month mentoring process, both my mentee, Iqra Bari, and I have had a fantastic journey, which has indeed gone by so quick! I would only love to have more meet-ups and continue this relationship for years to come, come rain or shine!

Overall, my main motive for undertaking and participating in my University’s mentoring scheme is to give something back and teach the QMUL students that there is definitely more to life than just education, it is you and your life. However, to really know yourself and understand your needs and requirements, mentoring provides that necessary reflective time and space to work on yourself as much as possible, to be listened to and respected, and for that to be reciprocated.

It was also great going back to my educational roots, reminiscing of the good times at QMUL, and lovely hearing and learning from current students. Therefore, it was key for me to listen to Iqra and the meeting was really all about her needs, goals and aspirations in life, and how I can do anything in my power to help and support her and be there for her.

Being a good role model, an important figure and leaving a positive QMUL legacy was key for me, as I want to be remembered for the great work accomplished for years to come and for generations to follow. With this, my aim was to also expand on doing more philanthropic work with QMUL as an educational institution, as well as immersing myself in directly supporting my fellow QMUL students and staff members. I wanted to go out there and proactively make a change in other people’s lives for the better. If I could pass on any part of knowledge and understanding of mine as possible and share it out to others for the greater good, then only greatness can come out of it all. This is what I believe and will always believe.

Iqra2Iqra (pictured left) stated “When I initially applied for the QMentoring Scheme, I had hoped for guidance and advice from a professional standpoint to direct me towards my chosen career path whilst still at university. This experience exceeded my expectations and helped me in many more ways than I had anticipated. Alongside guidance on application processes and CVs, I was introduced to methods of networking and voluntary opportunities which has heightened my professional development. My mentor, Sandeep, really went above and beyond in terms of making me feel at ease and confident in asking for help. By tailoring our meetings and discussions to my individual needs, Sandeep really encouraged me to explore new and exciting opportunities. We have built a strong rapport and formed a friendship, which I hope will continue to last. Overall, this experience has significantly aided me in my personal and professional development and the lessons I have learnt will stay with me even after university”.

I would like to thank Iqra Bari for being such a fantastic and lovely individual, you have become a dear friend of mine and also to Louisa Chastney, for your ongoing help and support in organising the mentoring and making it happen for us. We both had an exciting journey and thank you very much.

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