What 2 do with a 2.2

Congratulations to everyone receiving their exam results from QMUL; well done! Some of you might have faced the disappointment of just missing out on a 2.1, and are now left wondering what your future looks like with a 2.2. The first thing to remember is that a 2.1 isn’t a ticket straight into a dream job. Neither, on the other hand, is a 2.2 a life-long barrier to it.  Getting a 2.2 might be a disappointment and it might mean having to re-think your options, but it doesn’t mean automatic exclusion from a fulfilling career.

You have options …

You may be surprised to discover that the vast majority of employers are flexible in the grades they require because they’re more concerned with your personality, skills and experience. Remember, academic grades are not everything and you can certainly compensate for them in other areas.

There will of course be several immediate options that aren’t open to you, but just from taking a quick look at this Target Jobs article, you’ll see there are a number of graduate schemes accepting 2.2 degrees. It could be that when you apply to these schemes, the rest

of your application may need to shine a bit brighter than those containing a 2.1, but at least with these organisations, you can have the confidence that your application is likely to be read by a human being who will consider your application as an overall package.


Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are organisations which have fewer than 250 employees and represent where most graduate jobs are found. They cover all sectors and offer a diverse range of opportunities. Smaller organisations may provide more variety and flexibility, with the opportunity to gain a more varied experience, take on responsibility earlier, work closely with senior staff and gain exposure to how the business functions as a whole. SMEs are often overlooked as they are less well known, and if you have a 2.2 your chances of getting a job with an SME may be greater than securing a job with a larger organisation, as smaller organisation also recruit through networking and speculative applications. This generally means they receive fewer applications, so targeting your applications to firms in your area of interest can be effective.

Time to work on your CV?

Now is a good time to think about your CV and ensure you really sell your skills and experience, as well as your education. Think about any extra commitments you had during your studies and the skills that you learnt – you may have more than you think! See our post: Identifying your transferable skills.

It’s important to demonstrate your strengths and any skills or experience that may help to set you aside from other candidates. If you’d like to get some feedback on your CV, you can book an appointment with one of our Careers Consultants by calling 020 7882 8533. You might also find the following resource useful: Create the ideal CV

Best of luck to you all, regardless of your degree classification, in deciding on your next steps.  If you want to talk through your options, please do come and see us in the Careers & Enterprise Centre. We’re open right through the summer – Monday to Friday, 9.30am-5pm and remember, you can visit us for 2 years after you graduate. We also offer Skype and telephone appointments if you are no longer in London.

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