How to become a Politician’s assistant

How do you become a Politician’s assistant, what do they do and how much do they earn?

There is no standard route to get into politics – it’s more about your work experience, attitude and understanding of the industry. The Prospects website is full of job profiles, which are a great way to find out about the different types of jobs available.  They list typical daily tasks and responsibilities and the skills required to help you decide whether it is the sort of role you would be good at and enjoy.

There’s also information about how to gain work experience and find vacancies, plus ideas on related job roles that you could be interested in. See the newly updated Politician’s Assistant profile.

Top tips from Careers & Enterprise:

  • Writing experience – strong writing skills are highly valued in this sector, so get experience writing for different audiences in a concise way. You could start your own blog or contribute to newsletters/campus newspaper etc.
  • Network – make connections with people who you can contact for more information and advice. This could be from talking to alumni at careers events, speaking to employers at careers fairs or presentations or talking to a friend/family member about their job.
  • Volunteer with a local political society/party or campaign group – get involved in local issues or join a society on campus.
  • Research the sector – Sites such as W4MP contain a huge amount of information and resources on working in Politics. You may also discover upcoming events and work experience opportunities along the way.

For more information about a career in politics, think tanks and government, see our online ‘getting into …’ guide.


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