Career information for Chinese students

china-1020914_960_720Statistics show that over 70% of Chinese students who have studied in the UK return to China after their studies, so we’ve pulled together some useful resources to help you to start thinking about your future now.

This comprehensive e-learning resource has easy-to-read sections covering everything from career planning and researching your options to developing your skills, including helpful activities along the way.

It aims to help you make the most of your time at university in the UK, understand yourself and your dreams and goals, and ultimately make yourself more employable.

China is very supportive of innovation and entrepreneurs, and your time at university is a great time to develop these skills. Areas covered on the site include how to think differently, create value and generate ideas, as well as source funding.

Careers & Enterprise resources

Last year Careers & Enterprise published 5 international job search guides including one for Chinese students looking to find work at home. Here you can find out more about job hunting and marketing your QMUL degree to overseas employers – see below.

You can also find more information for international students on the Careers & Enterprise QMPlus page.


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