Careers Taster Scheme 2017

On 15th March the Careers Taster Scheme 2017 drew to a close, marking the end of almost two months of eye-opening career experiences for 138 Queen Mary students.

For those unfamiliar with the scheme, now in its second year, this is how it was structured:

  • 8 businesses took part, each hosting an afternoon insight session at their offices.
  • 138 competitively selected students chose their preferred employers, with each attending 3 – 4 insight sessions between January and March 2017.

Why do it?

How do you really know what it’s like to work at PwC? How can you really see if a digital marketing team would be a good fit for you? You can read a job description from back to front, you can scan a company’s website all day long, but to get a complete picture of what it’s like to work there, you need to visit. Employer insight sessions breathe life into your career choice.

How does it work?

The Careers Taster Scheme aims to widen student career choice by providing employer visits across different sectors.

Each CTS session lasted for between two and four hours. Employers presented to the attending students, giving them an overview of how the company works and how they might fit in. Often the employers would use a number of different speakers to highlight the variety of job roles available. In most cases the employer also incorporated an interactive game designed to illustrate the work they undertake – Liberty Specialty Markets did this particularly well, using a game to highlight how they price complex risks. Perhaps most importantly of all, students were able to see the office space in person, and in most cases were given a short tour of the premises.

Attendees were able to observe plenty of stark differences between the employers they visited; from the suited, corporate world of Barclays to the laid-back jeans and t-shirts found at NMPi. Here is the complete list of this year’s CTS employers:

Employer                                            Industry

Barclays                                               Banking
Liberty Specialty Markets                Insurance
PwC                                                       Professional Services
Business Science                                Marketing analytics
Ultra Electronics                                Engineering
NMPi                                                     Digital marketing
Wellcome Trust                                  Healthcare
Bloomberg                                           Media/Data/Technology

“The Careers Taster Scheme is a fantastic opportunity to explore different career paths at various prestigious companies. It opened my eyes to avenues that I hadn’t even considered before. It was great to interact with likeminded people and gain commercial awareness, but more than anything else, it was a lot of fun!”
– Sana Muzammal, 1st Year BSc Mathematics

Students play a game of ‘Risk’ at Liberty Specialty Markets, with views across the Thames
Business Science present an overview of their company

The Careers Taster Scheme is currently open to all students from the schools of Mathematical Sciences, Biological & Chemical Sciences, Economics & Finance, Business & Management and Physics & Astronomy.

Keep any eye out for more employer visits organised by Careers & Enterprise in 2017/2018, including next year’s Careers Taster Scheme. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.


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