National Minimum Wage increasing from April 2017

pound-414418_960_720By law, employers are obliged to pay employees a National Minimum Wage, which is the minimum hourly rate a UK worker is entitled to, depending on your age and whether you are an apprentice. These figures adjust every year based on other economic changes.

National Minimum Wage will increase on 1st April 2017, moving further towards the Government’s promise of a minimum hourly wage of £9 for over 25s by 2020.

The new rates from April will be:

  • £7.50 (National Living Wage) – 25 years old and over
  • £7.05 per hour – 21-24 years old
  • £5.60 per hour – 18 – 20 years old
  • £4.05 per hour – 16-17 years old
  • £3.50 for apprentices under 19, or 19+ who are in the first year of apprenticeship

To learn more about your entitlement, visit

If you are affected by any of these changes, and need further support, visit Queen Mary’s own Advice and Counselling Service:


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