Student story: How to make the most of your time at QMUL

kamrulKamrul Alom, 2nd year Politics student

Why you need experience:

They often say you need experience to get experience, which I believe is important. In this day and age, this saying has pertinence as many students have upped their games. It’s your job now to match them in the challenge and really stand out from the crowd with real life experience. However, experience can come in different forms – it does not have to be a job or structured internship. For example, many students make the most of the many student experiences available to them; if you were an Events Officer for a society, you can often relate this to jobs requiring organisational skills, media skills and of course event management. During my first year I got involved in a number of work experience opportunities available at Queen Mary – such as the QProjects roles, QConsult and SU roles. One role I undertook was the Public Relations Project Lead (QProjects), where I was able to gain an insight into what PR is really about, and it allowed to me gain new and relevant skills, including relationship management and the ability to project plan events. These kinds of experiences allowed me to stand out from the crowd at interviews and applications, as I had already gained experience and exposure to a number of fields, from PR to Banking, as well as gaining a variety of transferable skills.

A masterpiece does not take shape until you add all the pieces (Nyeeam Hudson):

Again I’d like to stress that it is important to gain any, and as much, experience as you can fit into your timetable (time management is key). Another reason why, is that it fits into the greater masterpiece that is your CV, profile and character. Every experience will undoubtedly add to your CV, regardless of how short, relevant or complicated it was, as well as helping you to learn more about your strengths, skills and what you’d like to do for a career (or not). For me this was my experience at Morgan Stanley (Summer Analyst) and Queen Mary Widening Participation (WP Ambassador), where I realised that I actually really enjoyed working as part of a Bank and giving back through Queen Mary. These experiences had also allowed me to come to see what my strengths and areas of improvement were, which allowed me to develop myself and look to improve my skills. It taught me the different ways to connect and communicate with others, for example the way I would communicate at Morgan Stanley was very different to how I supported classrooms through the Queen Mary Widening Participation scheme. Communication is one area that I’ve come to develop, as I learnt how to be an effective and confident speaker in different situations. In summary, it really shaped the way I am through chances to grow and learn, the way I present myself and my confidence in my abilities. Also, adding to my CV and as a result feeding into the bigger picture, no matter how small each experience was by itself, it played a part in my CV and development.


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