Employment law: Know your rights (Part 2)

Following on from our recent blog Employment law: Know your rights (Part 1), QTemps Recruitment Manager Rachael takes us through some more employment law issues you may encounter when applying for a new role.

True or False … ?

It’s illegal to make me work on a Bank Holiday

FALSE – Although it’s common practice for employers to give time off for a Bank Holiday, it is not a legal right. Some employers may close down on a Bank Holiday which means you will have to take that day off, whereas other employers may pay you more to work for the day, especially in hospitality or retail. Make sure you check your contract to see what you are entitled to.

Nobody can give me a bad reference

FALSE – Your employer can give you a bad reference, however they have to have evidence to support this. For this reason most employers choose not give a good or bad reference nowadays, instead just confirming dates. When leaving a job it’s a good idea to get the details of your manager and ask them if it’s okay to put them down for a reference for your new job. Also ask them if they will just confirm dates or whether they can give you a more detailed reference. Some employers require a detailed reference from your previous employer before you can start.

Verbal agreements don’t count as a contract of employmenthandshake-1205055_960_720

FALSE – Although it is best practice to get a written contract, verbal contractual agreements are legally binding. If you only have a verbal agreement it would be best to push them to get a written contract so there are no disputes about the terms and conditions of your employment.

Lying on your CV can get your fired

TRUE – Technically if you lie on your CV you are committing fraud. If this is found out by your employer, you could not only lose your job but you can be taken to court. If you feel you have to lie on your CV to be selected for an interview then the job is probably not the right one for you.

I’m an intern: don’t I have the right to minimum wage?

TRUE – As an employee of the company you do have the right to minimum wage. To determine if you are an employee you must personally be providing a service or you must be working under a contract. Some industries do not offer paid internships, especially media, arts and music. You can choose to do an unpaid internship to get a foot in the door but you must keep in mind that it is unpaid.


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