QConsult Community: where groups of QMUL students take on strategic projects in the charity sector.

Are you interested in working on a unique project that will not only change lives, but
enrich your career prospects?

Developed from QMUL’s award-winning QProject programme, QConsult Community is an excellent opportunity to develop key skills in a real-life setting. Successful candidates will consult on a project within a not-for-profit organisation in our local, East London community.27157443600_99340d162c_o

Working in groups of 3-5, students will be given the opportunity to work with professionals in the voluntary sector, acquiring the essential skills that employers are want to see. It’ll be up to you and your team to provide solutions to the needs of the charity you’re consulting on.

So, if you…

-Are looking to put your academic work into practice
-Would like professional training in project management and consultancy
-Are keen to maximise your work experience during your degree

… then QConsult Community could be exactly what you’re looking for. Students from all subjects and years of study are encouraged to apply. For more information, see our website.


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