Enterprise: 3DS

To launch Global Entrepreneurship Week, the enterprise department hosted 3DS this weekend. It began on Friday night and finished on Sunday evening with a pitching event to a panel of judges.

3DS is an American organisation which launched in 2010. Within this time, they have implemented their 60 hour enterprise boot camp across the globe in Universities such as Harvard, Brown and within the UK: Queen Mary University of London and University of Edinburgh.

The 3DS programme brings together students from different academic principles and participants gain experience in cross-disciplinary collaboration, brain storming and ideation, decision making and group productivity.  They explore new ideas through intense hands-on education, pushing their abilities to the limits.

3dsOn the Friday evening, each of the 50 students came with a different business idea.  In small groups, they pitched these ideas to one another and voted for the 2 they believed had the most potential. Of these 14 ideas that were pitched to everyone, they blind voted their favourite ideas and the top 7 ideas were then developed over the course of the weekend.

Through the delivery of different modules, as well as mentor support from industry specialists, the students learned to pitch, build and develop teams, conduct customer discovery and validate their market – they were really pushed to their boundaries!

On Sunday evening the students pitched to a panel of judges and investors and the ideas had really developed since their preliminary pitch on the Friday night. The received some really useful feedback and are going to continue to implement the suggestions. The business ideas were all tech-based, including an app to select flatmates based on lifestyles and another app which provides freelance beauticians and hair stylists for professionals. QMUL hopes to support a number of businesses from the boot-camp to get started via Try It and Build It Enterprise Awards of £500 and £5,000 in December.

These skills can now be used on their CV, they can be used to create opportunities with employers, or they can be used to start up their own company. 

We will be hosting another boot-camp on the 17th, 18th and 19th February and this will focus on developing social enterprises that address social issues in Tower Hamlets. For more details regarding this event, please contact n.triay@qmul.ac.uk


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