Graduate story: Gaspare Chirillo, Law

GaspareI am Gaspare Chirillo and I have recently graduated from Queen Mary. I have completed a Law degree with a first class and, also, I have been a recipient of the Principal’s Prize for outstanding academic achievements. In addition, during my third year, I have been awarded the Draper’s Scholarship by the Law School; thanks to it, I will undertake an LLM in American Legal Studies in the USA. Particularly, in order to secure this scholarship, I have received great support from the QMUL Careers & Enterprise Department and would like to share my experience.

My time at Queen Mary has been a great ride which equipped me with all of the skills and experiences that I believe would be significantly helpful for my future career. Thanks to the quality of the well-structured law degree and the excellence of the academic body, I have gained a significant knowledge of the legal and commercial field. Moreover, I have been supported by the Careers & Enterprise Department throughout my law degree, which I feel has made me more employable and has helped me in obtaining important results.

Since the first year of the LLB, I have relied significantly on the Careers service which is available to all students of all degrees. I attended many 1-2-1 sessions with Careers Consultants and learnt many skills, including how to make a job application stand out tips

for interviews. Through this service, I have been able to put my skills and legal knowledge into the best light in order to stand out in the crowd when applying for a job or an internship.

Particularly, meeting with the Law Careers Consultant Karen Watton has helped me significantly during my last year at QMUL. Not only she has assisted me in understanding what law firms look for in a vacation scheme or training contract application, but she provided me with the edge that allowed me to receive the Draper’s Scholarship. I met with her in every stage of this process: from the drafting of my CV to the preparation of the final interview. It’s often easy to underestimate the difficulty of drafting a CV or a cover letter, but Careers & Enterprise can help you develop the skills needed to secure a job or an internship.

I learnt more about the importance of being guided by a Careers Consultant when I worked as one of the five Career & Enterprise Ambassadors at the Open Days in June 2016. Talking with many aspiring students, I remembered how confusing it could be to understand what career options could be available after university. Therefore, having the chance to sit down and talk with someone who is an expert in the area, I believe, is extremely helpful while studying at university. Also, the many events organised by the Careers & Enterprise Department throughout my degree, such as how to behave during a group exercise during an assessment day or how to write a great cover letter, have taught me how to make the best of the skills, knowledge and experiences that I have gained at Queen Mary.

I will always be significantly grateful for the help that I have received by the Careers & Enterprise Department during my studies. If I may conclude this page with some personal advice from my experience, I suggest to all of the new students to take every opportunity that the Careers & Enterprise Department offers from the moment they start at Queen Mary, because I truly believe it will make the difference in the long run.



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