Start Up, Stand Up

Vana and Jessica Anne with students

Last week our Enterprise team held a successful ‘Start Up Stand Up’ event, which focused on female entrepreneurs. It was an informal networking event where local entrepreneurs talked about their experiences setting up their own companies and answered questions from students looking to develop their own ideas.

The evening celebrated some of the amazing female talent that London has to offer, and our 2 guest speakers were:

Vana Koutsomitis: Apprentice Series 11 finalist, and founder of DatePlay:

Jessica Anne: Founder of Jessica Anne Styling:

Both of our speakers encouraged women in entrepreneurship to dream big. Vana and Jessica’s top tips were:

    • Search for resources & find accelerator programmes when setting up a start-up

Our programme at QMUL, InQUBEate, has just kicked off and over the next 8 weeks we will support the development of 15 businesses. Each week we will look at a different topic, for example, customer discovery, market research and pitching.  The businesses on this cohort range from a robotic device that will aid the rehabilitation of stroke patients, a social enterprise app that addresses food wastage in restaurants, an LGBT fashion brand, an app that links schools with supply teachers and a safety indicator device for cycling.

You can next apply for this programme by e-mailing with an outline of your business idea by 14th December at noon.  You can also get feedback on your idea by booking an enterprise appointment on 020 7882 8533.

    • Choose your mentors wisely, making sure their values align with yours

This will ensure you are 10 times more likely to succeed. At QMUL, we have a pool of mentors from different industry backgrounds that support our different events.  For example, 3DS, which is a 3 day enterprise boot-camp, is supported by approximately 15 different mentors, ranging in backgrounds from finance to advertising.  These mentors are always extremely keen to support to their full potential and will often stay in touch after events. Students have even been known to gain employment through the mentors at a later date, therefore getting involved with these events can really prove valuable.

    • Set your vision, follow your own brand and surround yourself with amazing people, so that you become amazing

The QM Entrepreneurs Society, Enactus and Start-Ups Society are 3 different groups you could become involved with to surround yourself with people that will be enthusiastic and passionate, which, in turn, will allow you to become more motivated.

We will hopefully collaborate with JA Styling later in the term to deliver a workshop on confidence building, networking and dressing for success – so watch this space. Thanks to everyone that attended – we really enjoyed meeting you and hope you felt as motivated as we were.


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