Guest blog: Four Unusual Finance Roles You Should Consider…

Susanna Quirke, Inspiring Interns 

Like any career path, finance has its stereotypes – not all of them fair. This is a growing industry, and not just in the ways you might expect; it’s not all accounting, insurance and banking out there. So step away from the hedge fund, and check out our favourite unusual finance roles.

  1. … in not-for-profit

That’s right. Even charities need someone to handle the dosh. The financial world is often billed as a cut-throat place – a butcher’s floor with zero empathy. Show you’re different; work for a not-for-profit, for profit.

How to find the jobs? Check out specialist charity job-hunting websites. Look for accountancy firms which specialise in charity work, like Jackson & Jackson or Bourner Bullock. Passionate about environmental issues? Join one of the many large corporations hiring environment accountants – professionals tasked with managing pollution, reducing energy costs and obeying regulations.

Charities and NGOs are constantly struggling with financial challenges – your efforts will not go to waste, should you choose to apply yourself here. And let’s face it: you’ll feel like a superhero, too. Everybody wins!

  1. … in fashion

Love fashion? Style in the financial sector goes deeper than ice packs and brown shoe controversies. There are loads of jobs in this industry that call on financial skills and qualifications.

Look at the Arcadia group. Owners of Topshop, Wallis, Miss Selfridge and more, this mega-corporation recruits finance graduates two or three times a year. And there’s more out there, if you look. Give it a Google, fashionistas.

Fashion brands need accounts teams and retail finance managers as much as the next business. They need people to balance the books. Maybe – just maybe – they need you.

  1. … in film and TV

“I know there’s money in Hollywood!” you say. “I’ve seen Avatar! The Oscars!” Sure, and you should note that PwC’s Entertainment and Media division has been counting the Oscar ballots for the last eight-two years.

But awards aside, there’s more to the film industry than the glitz you see on TV. There’s a whole lot of money going on behind the scenes, and someone’s got to manage it. Why not you?

Most of a producer’s job is jangling the money purse; if you have an artistic streak, maybe you should think about trying that out. Then there are the numerous other financial-minded roles that pop up on every project, from production accountants at the lower end to investors and financial directors.

And if you’re after something a little more classic, the bigger groups can provide: check out this list at Disney/ABC, and you’ll realise that there are a lot of entertainment-based roles out there.

  1. … intelligence

Fan of James Bond? Feel like you’d make a great spy?

If you genuinely think you have the discretion and dedication to shoulder the finances of our country’s most important security services, this is the job for you. MI5 recruits graduates all year round, as do GCHQ and MI6, and it’s not all intelligence officers. Like all big operations, each has a powerful corporate division.

If you have lived in the UK for the last ten years, are over twenty-one and have a British passport, keep an eye on the MI5 jobs board. You can learn more about all three divisions of the British intelligence service here. Just remember not to lose that licence to kill.

Et voila. The four best ideas to ever hit finance, knocking on your door. If the thought of telling people you ‘just manage accounts’ fills you with dread, these fun-filled job descriptions may be your salvation. So go on – apply! If it all goes wrong, you can always join a bank instead.

Susanna writes for Inspiring Interns, a graduate recruitment firm which specialises in sourcing candidates for internship and giving out graduate careers advice. To hire graduates or browse graduate jobs London, visit our website.



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