Useful tools to practise psychometric tests and interviews

We’ve spoken to lots of students this week who are looking for ways to practise psychometric tests and interviews. 

Psychometric tests:

These often form part of the recruitment process for many graduate schemes and are typically timed multiple choice tests that are to be completed independently by applicants. Employers may use these tests to filter down the number of candidates that they invite to interview, or to benchmark a candidate’s attributes against those who have been successful in that role. There are many different types of tests, including:

  • Numerical reasoning – testing your ability to analyse data in the form of ratios, percentages, graphs and tables.
  • Verbal reasoning – a test of logic, from a given written statement. You might be asked whether a statement is true, false, or if there’s not enough information to draw a conclusion.
  • Critical thinking – tests a candidate’s ability to solve new and complex tasks – closely related to verbal reasoning.
  • Situational Judgement Test – tests how you might approach a variety of scenarios in the workplace – giving you options of how you might best respond (usually you’ll need to rank options).
  • Diagrammatic reasoning – tests that assess visual problem solving and processing skills.

So how can you practise?

We’ve got two great online resources where you can try out all of the above tests under timed conditions, receive detailed feedback on your performance and see where you need to improve. Both sites are free to use for QMUL students – you’ll just need to register with some basic details and you’ll then be sent an activation email so you can start using the tests.

For more information on psychometric tests and how to best prepare, see The Basics: Psychometric Tests on our blog.

Mock interviews:

If you’ve got an interview coming up, as well as being able to book a 30 minute mock interview with a Careers Consultant, we have a new mock interview platform coming soon.

Find out what employers are looking for and how to provide a strong answer to a range of different questions. Each question has a short video from a recruiter, offering further advice about how to give the best answer possible.

  • Practise interview questions

Answer 8 questions against the clock (optional), to build confidence and improve your technique. Choose from pre-built interviews or custom build your own, selecting the questions you want to answer. It’s broken down into helpful sections if there’s a particular area you need more practise with, and at the end you can view all of your answers and see how you could improve.

The mock interview can be taken in 3 ways: by typing your answers, speaking into the microphone, or a full video recording. This can be helpful to review your body language and tone of voice as well as your answers to each question.


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