PwC’s Diversity Mentoring Scheme

PwC’s Diversity Mentoring Scheme has been running since 2013 to help people from under-represented backgrounds build long term valuable relationships with PwC staff.

The scheme matches PwC mentors with university students or graduates who are interested in a career in Professional Services, but do not have the network or relationships needed to know what to expect from the job or the application process.

What’s in it for mentees?

You will be provided with a mentor who is essentially a ‘trusted adviser or guide’ who has useful experience that he/she can share with someone less experienced and skilled in a particular area. The mentor is not responsible for solving your problems or making your decisions. The mentor cannot get you the job!

What can you use mentors for?

• Insight into working life at PwC
• Guidance on the application process
• Insight into the skills needed to be successful
• Suggestions on how to develop these skills
• Potential work shadowing opportunities

To apply, you must be eligible to apply for the PwC scheme of interest (e.g. if you are interested in consulting, you should be on track to meet the academic requirements for this scheme). Please find the link to the eligibility requirements on the PwC careers website here.

Please click the following link to fill out the application form. Applications will close on Friday 16th September 2016.

There are also a number of presentation evenings running throughout October:


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