Apply now for 2017 Graduate Schemes

At this time of year we talk to a lot of graduate recruiters and this week it was the turn of KPMG.

You may have heard that KPMG have changed their recruitment process to better suit the current generation of graduate applicants, by streamlining the process into a single day, and letting candidates know the outcome within 2 days. They are advising early applications as they expect their recruitment drive for 2017 to be mainly completed by December 2016.

This is a good opportunity to remind you that many large graduate programmes conclude their recruitment by the end of the autumn term. If you think you might want to apply for one of these schemes make sure you start looking now! Many finance positions are already open and fill quickly. The benefit for you is that you can complete the recruitment process before you get too far into your final year – so you can concentrate on your exams rather than your job hunt.

If you need some support in your job search, or with applications and interview practice, please do make use of the Careers & Enterprise Centre as soon as you can. During the first few weeks of the autumn term we will be extremely busy with appointments, so the more you can do over the summer the better!

Also don’t forget we have a huge range of events taking place in the autumn term (around 100 already booked in – and more coming) where you can meet lots of employers with open positions. These events will be announced on our website in mid-September.

In the meantime take a look at for further resources, and our vacancy site for opportunities.

James Weaver, Employer Engagement Manager


3 thoughts on “Apply now for 2017 Graduate Schemes

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