Creative job hunting

Tell us about unconventional ways of finding a job!

Many students come to Careers & Enterprise looking to apply for graduate schemes online, usually in the autumn term before they graduate. In my experience, graduates apply for these schemes for a number of reasons including:

  • They are much talked about and well publicised through publications such as Target Jobs, Milkround and Prospects.
  • They feel safe because they provide structured training opportunities lasting for 1 – 2 years. This means you are not expected to hit the ground running.
  • They are often in companies that students have heard of and some people place great emphasis on reputation and branding.
  • They are relatively well paid with a median starting salary of £30,000 (High Fliers report The Graduate Market on 2016).

The major downside to applying for graduate schemes is that most students apply to graduate schemes! It is therefore highly competitive with around 10% of students securing places. So what else can you do and where else can you apply if you have not secured one for this year? Read on for some suggestions…

Whilst working on the QConsult supported by JPM scheme over the last few weeks, I have been working closely with various student teams that are working on a range of consultancy projects. Following the completion of these topics, some of the students were discussing their job searching strategies. Here is one quote:

 “I walked down my street this evening and made a list of all the small businesses on the road. I then walked inside one of the start-up companies and had a conversation with the CEO about possible job opportunities. He gave me his card and I am going to follow up.”

This quote made me think about how other students may have searched in a more unusual and creative way for jobs beyond graduate schemes. Here is a roundup of useful articles on this topic.

Also see our website for job hunting tips.

We would also love to hear yours or a friend’s story on creative job searching to inspire others at a time of year when many student are still looking for opportunities. Please add a short story to the speech bubble above.

Dr Tracy Bussoli, Careers Consultant


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