Meet the Mentor: Suneet

In 2015 – 2016, the enterprise programme has had over 25 mentors attend various events, workshops and boot camps.  These mentors have a variety of different backgrounds and have expertise in various industries. The mentors will support the students in developing their business ideas.  If you know of anyone who would like to mentor on our programme – please get in touch!

ENTERPRISE MENTOR: Suneet Shivaprasad


What is your background and experience?
I decided to set up my first company 7 years ago and over the years I have grown many companies as well as running my own in various sectors.  With 7 years + experience in building and growing companies across many sectors, I look for the simplest and most cost effective methods of growth.

I am comfortable with the usual KPIs associated with marketing and I look to identify the key metric(s) that will generate the greatest influence on the long term success of the company.

I am able to make use of large data sets and routinely set up A/B and multivariate tests in looking at ways of increasing effectiveness across the customer journey.

Why did you decide to become a mentor with Queen Mary University and what has your involvement been?
I was introduced to Rachel Brown and the programme sounded exciting. I have mentored on 3DS and InQUBEate.

What’s it like to mentor a student?
Enjoyable to see their progress as an idea or the beginnings of a company become more concrete.

Have you had a favourite experience during your mentoring at QM?
Seeing the students keep on growing their company strongly after InQUBEate has finished.

Have you got any tips for students that are thinking about starting up a business with the support of Queen Mary University Enterprise? 
Keep on working hard in the face of adversity. Someone who has experience of the sector or running a start-up can help you avoid mistakes and steer you in the right direction. Then your success will be more often than not defined by a consistent work ethic.


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