Graduate blog: My Careers appointment

TasnimAs a graduate, I was quite anxious to contact the Careers & Enterprise Centre as I no longer study at QMUL. When I called to schedule an appointment, I gave a brief reason for why I wanted one and was given a session to suit my availability. As an SBCS (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences) graduate, I  was booked in to see Dr. Maya Mendiratta.

Upon arrival, I checked in with reception and took a seat in the waiting area for my appointment. Once Maya greeted me, we had our appointment in one of the rooms where our conversation was private so others could not overhear. The appointments are 20 minutes long, and I felt at ease and had the chance to ask questions at the end comfortably.

Working full time I find it difficult to arrange meetings, but I was made aware we are also able to arrange phone calls or Skype meetings which are very useful options for anyone also working office hours.

After the appointment, I was able to take a seat and read some books available in the office and make further notes I needed. On the way out, I also picked up free leaflets available for further education and advice on getting into industry. There was a whole range of material including science, legal and financial sectors to choose from.

Overall, I have had a great experience with the Careers & Enterprise Centre and look forward to working with them whilst building my career.  I would encourage those who are both sure and unsure of their next moves to visit as the environment is very relaxed and the advisors are patient with books available at hand to help make informed decisions.

Tasnim Alam


Why not book a 20 minute appointment today? Call 020 7882 8533 or pop in to the Queens Building Room WG3


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