Become a Student Ambassador – applications now open!

The Queen Mary Student Ambassador scheme is an opportunity for current students to further their involvement in College life by representing Queen Mary to the public. We hear from Qudsia below, who studied Chemistry and was a Student Ambassador for 2 years:

“Being a Student Ambassador was a great opportunity which really enriched my uni experience. One of my responsibilities was to lead campus tours, and I had the privilege of representing the university, often to an international audience. This gave me the chance to be able to share my experience of being a student at Queen Mary with a large number of visitors to open day events.


This helped me to improve my communication skills, as I had to be able to understand and respond to the queries and concerns of parents as well as the eager students looking forward to starting this exciting chapter of their lives. On school visits both on and off campus, I had the experience of working alongside colleagues from different degree programmes, running days where we gave students of various ages an insight into university life. This was a really enjoyable experience.

Summers were the best part about being a Student Ambassador. With various events

taking place, it was a wonderful opportunity to bond with each other and staff members. Summer schools were a chance to work with sixth formers, often from low income backgrounds, to guide them through the decision making process and give them an awareness of higher education and the opportunities available to them. The favourite day of the year, by far, for students and staff alike was the summer open day, where we welcomed over 10,000 visitors to campus to share the amazing work of students and researchers at Queen Mary.

Being a Student Ambassador is an extremely fulfilling and enriching experience where there is a lot of scope to gain a variety of new skills. It’s great for building your team working and time management skills, and can help boost your confidence with public speaking. It’s a great feeling getting a heartfelt thank you from a visitor, parent or student, and I would definitely recommend getting involved.”

Being a Student Ambassador is entirely flexible, and is open to all Queen Mary students. It can give you invaluable skills which can really add to your CV.

The next round of applications is now open! For more information see here: 


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